Auto Accidents – Auto Versus Man

Auto accidents occur for all different reasons, and in all different ways, but perhaps one of the most scary types of accident scenarios is one in which a pedestrian is involved. One recent pedestrian accident in the El Paso area involved an elderly man who was allegedly crossing the street diagonally and was not in the crosswalk. Sadly, the police said the man was struck by a pick-up truck.

What Is The Law Regarding Pedestrians?

Though it is too soon to know what will happen in this case, reading about auto accidents such as this one serves as a good reminder for us to look at the law regarding pedestrians and the rules of the road. According to Title 7, Subtitle C, Chapter 552.005 of theTexas Transportation Code, a pedestrian shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle on the highway if crossing a roadway at a place other than in a marked crosswalk, or in an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. It further states that a pedestrian may cross a roadway intersection diagonally only if and in the manner authorized by a traffic control device. TheTexas Department of Transportation website restates this information and also offers the following safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Always cross at intersections. Look left, then right, then left again before proceeding.
  • Look for traffic when stepping off a bus or from behind parked cars.
  • As a passenger, get in or out of a car on the curb side of the street.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street.

What Happens If An Accident Occurs?

Despite all of our best intentions and safeguards, accidents will sometimes still occur. So exactly what should you do if it happens? The first thing that everyone involved in an accident should do is make sure that all parties are ok. If anyone needs medical attention, that is always the first priority. Make sure that help is on the way. Once that is addressed, the police should be contacted, along with the insurance companies.

While at the accident scene, gather as much information and evidence as possible. Document what happened, take pictures, make sketches, and determine if there were any witnesses. You will need to cooperate with the police in their investigation, but never admit any fault nor apologize for any wrongdoing.

What Should I Do Next?

If you have been involved in an auto accident, one of the most important things that you may want to do is find a legal professional to help you with your case. A lawyer can help you learn the law and proceed with your case. If you have suffered personal injuries as a result of an auto accident, contact Pastrana & Lee today to speak with someone who can help you. You deserve to know your rights and have a strong advocate on your side to guide you through the complicated legal process and get the best legal results possible.

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