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Each and every year, good hardworking people suffer injuries due to other people’s negligence. Each and every time a serious injury happens, the insurance providers try to pay out as little as possible. At Pastrana & Lee we know that this is unfair. We know that you deserve justice and due compensation, which includes lost wages and other considerations that the insurance companies don’t want to pay you for. It is why our personal injury lawyers have fought and won for thousands of clients over the last 30 years. It is why we’ll fight for you too.

At Pastrana & Lee our personal injury lawyers focus on auto and workplace injuries, as well as wrongful death claims. These types of injuries are not only some of the most common injuries in El Paso, but they also happen to be some of the most harmful. Drunk drivers and sleepy or intoxicated truckers often fail to brake in time, or at all, which often leaves their victims worse off than those of the average car crash. Construction companies and industrial plants, on the other hand, often ignore safety hazards to cut costs. At Pastrana & Lee we believe that victims of negligence should have a voice. We believe that victims should fight back. We believe that you deserve justice.

When you hire Pastrana & Lee, you are hiring personal injury lawyers with more than 60 years of strong results and experience. Our personal injury lawyers have won national awards and record-setting verdicts, in addition to thousands of cases. We win the vast majority of our cases and have a track record to prove it. Even better, we take our cases on contingency, so you don’t pay us a dime until we win.

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Our Practice Areas

We offer the following injury services

our_img8Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks (also known as 18 Wheelers or Semis) are very tightly regulated. Truck drivers have a duty to be sober and well rested, because when they aren’t, the damages to others can be catastrophic.

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our_img8Drunk Driving Accidents

Texas, and El Paso in particular, is home to one of the highest drunk driving rates in the country. Driving While Intoxicated is considered per se negligence, because the driver is putting everyone else at risk.

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Personal Injury Lawyers - Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

our_img19Wrongful Death

When a loved one is lost due to the negligence of another party, there may well be a case for Wrongful Death. The loss of companionship and mental anguish that accompany such tragedies demands justice.

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Personal Injury Lawyers - Wrongful Death Attorney

our_img8Construction Accidents

A construction accident happens every 3 minutes in the US. Many of the injuries that occur on construction sites are due to negligent practices such as not following OSHA regulations, in an effort to save on costs.

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Personal Injury Lawyers - Construction Site Injuries

our_img8Workplace Injuries

The state of Texas unfortunately does not require companies to offer Worker’s Compensation insurance. Even when it is available, it often doesn’t cover many of the costs associated with a personal injury.

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Personal Injury Lawyers - Work Injury Lawyer

our_img8 Car Accidents

Passenger car accidents are extremely common in Texas, especially in these days of texting and driving. Drivers have a duty to keep their awareness on the road, for the safety of everyone else.

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our_img8Motorcycle Accidents

In the US, motorcycle riders are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal traffic accident than drivers of passenger vehicles are. Drivers have a duty to pay attention to the road and to drive safely.

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  • Statute of Limitations

    If you have suffered an injury to your person in Texas, the law requires that you take legal action within two years. After this point, you will be barred from using the court system to seek recovery from the at-fault party for your injuries.

  • Compensatory Damages

    In most personal injury cases, an injured person may recover compensatory damages, to compensate the plaintiff for what he or she suffered as a result of the accident. It requires setting a dollar amount that will make the the injured person whole, from a financial standpoint.  While this can be relatively simple in regards to reimbursement for medical treatment, estimating the amount someone has suffered due to mental suffering, such as emotional distress, anxiety, or depression, can be much more difficult.

    The most common types of compensatory damages awarded in personal injury cases include compensation for:

    Medical Treatment    |    Loss of Income    |    Property Damage    |    Physical Pain    |   Mental Suffering

  • Punitive Damages

    In cases where the defendant’s behavior was outrageously negligent or purposeful, the judge may also impose punitive damages. While compensatory damages are meant to place the accident victim in the same financial position that he or she was in prior to the accident, punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant and act as a deterrent to others.

  • Contingency Fees

    Many accident victims avoid seeking legal representation because they fear the cost. But this should not act as a deterrent to receiving compensation for your injuries. At Pastrana & Lee, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only charge a fee for our services if you are paid. Financial worries should never prevent you from seeking justice.

  • Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney Today

    At Pastrana & Lee, we work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to ensure that you get the best representation possible. Our ability to spend quality time on individual cases is in large part due to our practice of only handling quality cases.  Our focus is on helping honest and hardworking clients who have been injured due to the negligent actions of others gain the type of recovery that will help them get back on their feet and go on to lead happy and productive lives. If you have been injured in an accident, please contact us today, and we will begin addressing your legal options.

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